Thursday, October 28, 2010

the impact of time

Today I came the realization of something that was inevitable.. and it's what every senior had told me to be ready for.. change. Change in people, change of friends, change of habits, and change of plans. Honestly, It scared me half to death whenever they would tell me the facts and I never listened, which now I regret more than ever. It's mind blowing how you can go from being amazing friends with someone all your life and then you slowly realize that the two of you are going onto different paths which isn't always a good one, I hate to say. Soon after realizing this, I came to an epiphany, which altered my mood. Throughout these changes, what I thought, horrible changes, I have gained new relationships that are better than any kind of relationship I have ever had before. It's truly awe-inspiring how negatives can turn into magnificent effects. I'm so grateful for the life that i have and everyone that has been in and out of it because they've taught me how to love, forgive, forget, and greatest of all.. to live.

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