Monday, November 22, 2010

home sick

   I've been a mess of emotions lately and it's been extremely hard to deal with because of the fact that I'm not usually like this. I don't know how to cope. Since I broke my arm about a week and a half ago then having to get surgery and what not, I wasn't able to go on a family trip to New York City and Delaware for my cousins wedding. My brothers and dad departed this morning to go soak up some love from the crazy family bunch and to-die-for Italian cooking prepared by my Mom Mom [grandma]. I have been a wreck.
  The reason why I am being such a baby about this whole situation is because being with my huge Italian family is probably just one of the best experiences someone could ever have... AND NYC?! Come on now, that's something no one would ever want to pass up. So, instead of experiencing the big city and being obnoxious with my crazy family members, I'm here... at home.
   When my brothers and dad left, I came to realize how much I depend on them. My brothers and I are ALWAYS entertained by one another and it's not the same without them. I feel so incomplete and lonely. Jake, who is 13 is probably the funniest kid I know. I'm constantly laughing with him and there's never a dull moment! Zach, who is soon to be 15 is super laid back and he's someone who I can just relax and have deep talks with. Both of them have amazing qualities and I couldn't be any prouder to call them MY brothers. They're my true home! Yes, I know...I'm cheesy, but like I always say, It isn't cheesy if you truly mean it! Anyways, I want them to have a spectacular time, but I can't wait until they're home...and I hope my family doesn't forget about me too much!


cousins <3 & brothers

zachy poooo

in delaware climning trees! it's so beautiful up there.

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