Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I've been a crippled slob laying on my forgiving couch every day, all day since Friday November 12. The reason I'm being so unproductive is because I broke my arm. Dislocated it and broke it. The ridiculous thing about this unfortunate event is that I did it in dance! Right before a pep rally. Who would have thought. Well, with my phenomenal luck, the break was so bad that I had to get surgery today. Let me tell you, I was scared out of my mind!! It's all over now thank the lord. This whole experience has been eye opening. I haven't been able to do simple tasks like wash my face, MY HAIR, put in contacts, or bathe. I took my hand/arm for granted. I've been thinking about people who are paralyzed and don't even have arms or legs! I look up to them. Then it made me think about people who are going through things that are way worse than what I'm going through and it made me feel like a spoiled brat. If you're reading this, tie your hands behind your back and try to do everyday tasks. Let me tell you something.. You cant! That's why I have put myself in their shoes and it has made me look at my injury as a minor scrape, or burn.. It's not so bad!
When I broke my arm, I asked myself, "why me?!" and "why now!?" but that's not what I should be asking. Honestly, I should be thanking god because this is going to teach me lessons and open my eyes to other things. I know for a fact this happened for a reason because I've already seen changes in my life in a really good way. I mean, sure there's a negative side to this but I do my best not to think about them. This set back is not really considered a set back, it's more of a go forward. It's brought the people I love closer, and it's shown me how much people care and that's the warmest, fullest,heart felt feeling that I could ever have and I'm so grateful for everyone in my life!

I apologize for my boring set up of a journal, but it's hard to type with one hand!


  1. this is exactly how i felt! except it was more depressing because it was my ankle, and it was summer when its burning hot and i couldnt even swim hahah but dont worry, you will start appreciating dance more too! it sucks to just sit there and watch everyone groove

  2. oh my gosh, that wouldn't be fun. how did you break yours??

  3. very well spoken :)